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Silverfrost is an invisible antimicrobial technology containing Silver ions, utilizing a smart delivery system that enables long-lasting protection by minimizing the growth of odor-causing bacteria on fabric surfaces. This polymer technology has been applied to these socks to make sure they
Stay Fresher Longer!

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Now the textiles you use every day:from bed linens, towels,casual and active apparel, to uniforms, athletic shoes and socks, can stay fresh and clean smelling all day, every day, thanks to SilverFrost built in odour and freshness protection. SilverFrost provides and invisible defense against those unpleasant odours from forming on treated fabrics.


Apparel & footwear

performance denim

Carpet & flooring

Home textile

work wear & medical


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Only SilverFrost uses patented freshness technology to deliver a one-two punch against odors. First by preventing odor causing bacteria’s from forming, and second, by absorbing odors that may already be on the fabric surface. Now that’s odor protection you can count on, use after use, wash after wash. So be sure to look for the SilverFrost built-in freshness protection label next time you shop for casual and dress apparel, home textiles, bedding, work wear, active wear, inner wear, and outerwear.


Antimicrobial activity refers to the process of killing or inhibiting the disease-causing microbes. Various antimicrobial agents are used for this purpose. Antimicrobial may be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal or antiviral. They all have different modes of action by which they act to suppress the infection.

It is the outermost electrons of an atom that determine the physical properties of matter. Take away one electron from a silver atom and you get a silver ion which is water soluble. In its ionic form, silver is highly reactive with other elements which means it will readily combine to form compounds.

Silverfrost technology is effective from bed linen, towels, casuals, work wear, to athletic shoes and track that help to stay fresh and clean every day

A wide range of antibiotic acts in contradiction of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, in contrast to a narrow spectrum antibiotic, Silverfrost technology innovation is successful technology against specific families of bacteria and fungi. An example of a commonly used broad-spectrum antibiotic is ampicillin.

Microbiological research facilities have affirmed that examples appropriately treated with the Silverfrost antimicrobial innovation will effectively show more prominent that most of the bacterial will decrease after 50 home laundering.

There are specified standards tests for measuring the durable antimicrobial activity on the treated textiles. After performing the antimicrobial test in the laboratories,the reports indicated that using the silverfrost technology on the textile reduce utmost all the bacteria.

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SILVERFROST contains essential antimicrobial properties. It has been a trusted antimicrobial used since ancient times in healthcare, food preservation, and water treatment as well as other applications where effective, long-term bacterial protection is required. Silver is a leading antimicrobial due to its safety for human contact, long term efficacy and prevention of growth for a wide range of microorganisms which makes if safe and trusting.

Durable Performance

SILVERFROST antimicrobial technology inhibits bacteria growth and build-up of microbes on fabric surfaces which helps to keep long lasting freshness.


SILVERFROST long lasting antimicrobial technology unites silver ions with a delivery system to create an extremely effective & high durable antimicrobial. With the advance technology SILVERFROST utilizes safe polymer that complexes silver ions into a durable antimicrobial that prevents microorganism reproduction.


SILVERFROST antimicrobial fresh technology performs will help the Brand owners and Manufacturers to design products that feature a long-lasting active freshness. Consumers can feel secure in knowing their garments provide intelligent freshness that won’t harm their families or the environment.


The intelligent freshness of SILVERFROST antimicrobial technology can be applied to woven and non-woven fabrics like –

  • Apparel & Footwear
  • Innerwear
  • Socks & Legwear
  • Performance Apparel


SILVERFROST Technology protects denim from odour-causing bacteria that build up on jeans when worn. Why is that important? Because the addition of SILVERFROST means consumers can wash their denim less often with confidence.


SILVERFROST targets its silver ions directly against unwanted bacteria that can make carpets smell and degrade over time.The polymer-containing silver-technology of SILVERFROST is light and heat-stable that makes it perfect for indoor as well as for outdoor products.

Home textile

SILVERFROST Technology is able to withstand high temperatures and chlorine laundering, extending the useful life of each treated garment from normal work wear to medical wears. On other hand it helps to protect odour. That’s odour protection your customers can count on.

Work wear & Medical

SILVERFROST Technology is able to withstand high temperatures and chlorine laundering, extending the useful life of each treated garment from normal work wear to medical wears. On other hand it helps to protectodour. That’sodour protection your customers can count on.